Surface polishing manufacturer, specializes in the production of processing products for a variety of substrate surfaces, providing surface treatment solutions for automotive beauty shops, maintenance personnel, shipyards, furniture factories, composite manufacturers and other industrial applications.

Saint-Gobain Zirpro (Handan) Co. Ltd.

ZirPro continues to innovate, develop and deliver a comprehensive range of high quality ceramic materials.

Committed to improving the performance and efficiency of our customers' products.

Saint-Gobain SefPro

Through continuous innovation and quality management, we offer a wide range of refractory products and services for various glass furnaces.

Meet customers' needs in terms of glass quality, furnace life and energy efficiency.

Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials (Zhengzhou) Co., Ltd.

Focus on the development and production of various advanced ceramic materials, and work closely with customers.

Work together to develop tailor-made innovative solutions for materials.

Material Solutions That Make a Difference

Saint-Gobain Ceramics regroups Saint-Gobain’s businesses specialized in ceramic-based solutions for industrial clients.  Our product range spans from advanced ceramic grains and powders, to specialty refractories and ceramic systems.  We offer “Material Solutions That Make a Difference”, in the sense that our ceramic products and services are mission-critical to our customers’ own applications.  At the heart of industry, we pride ourselves in serving segment-leading customers across the world, through long-term, trust-based relationships. 

Saint-Gobain Sefpro

Saint-Gobain Zirpro

Saint-Gobain Coating Solutions

Saint-Gobain Water Treatment Solutions

Saint-Gobain Specialty Grains & Powders


Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials co-presented in Exhibition IACE 2021 in May


On May 25, 2021, the China International Exhibition of Powder Metallurgy, Cemented Carbide and Advanced Ceramics (IACE CHINA & PM China & CCEC China 2021) was successfully concluded in Shanghai World Expo. During the three-day exhibition, a variety of solutions of Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials were co-presented to the customers, showing products and technologies which serve for different applications, for instance, steel industry, automobile, electronics, refractory, abrasive, battery, medical treatment, MIM surface treatment.

Saint-Gobain ZirPro and Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics exhibited together in CIBF 2021 in Shenzhen


Mar 19-21, 2021, Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials ZirPro and Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics exhibited together in CIBF, in Shenzhen. According to the different needs of the battery industry chain, the two businesses, provided customers with high-performance zirconia solutions and comprehensive protection solutions for power battery packs of new energy vehicles.

Catching the eyes in Exhibition Advanced Ceramics China 2020 in Shanghai


During August 12-14, 2020, Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials division, including both Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials (Zhengzhou) Co., LTD and Saint-Gobain ZirPro (Handan) Co., LTD, exhibited together in the 13th Shanghai International Exhibition of Powder Metallurgy, Cemented Carbide and Advanced Ceramic Materials (IACE CHINA 2020). During these three days, Saint-Gobain Ceramic Materials team showed fully the professional integrated solutions in all aspects, such as the products: high-performance abrasive grains, coating solutions, surface conditioning, boron nitride, refractory zirconia, zirconia powders, grinding beads and surface treatment solutions etc.

Saint-Gobain Ceramics join hands with Saint-Gobain High Performance Plastics to Show at the SEMICON 2020


The SEMICON China 2020 International Semiconductor Exhibition, which was forced to be postponed due to the impact of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic, was finally successfully held at Shanghai from June 27 to 29.

Saint-Gobain - Top Surface Technology Services Provider


This month, Saint-Gobain is honored to be nominated as a Top Surface Technology Services company for its Surface Conditioning business by the Manufacturing Technology Insights magazine. As a fortune global 500 company, Saint-Gobain strives to help customers create their perfect surfaces. 



The British Fast Wax G3 PRO series of automotive cleaning and beauty products are constantly being researched and developed. At present, a series of cleaning and beauty products have been developed, ranging from finishing lacquer finishes to deep cleaning to final polishing of the interior and exterior surfaces of various vehicles.